Deafblind International Corporate Membership

You may pay online for your membership by Bank Transfer or Credit Card (Visa, American Express & Mastercard accepted only).

There are three tiers of Corporate Membership:

Large Corporates Annual Fees between 3,000 Euro and 5,000 Euro
Small Corporates Annual Fees between 300 Euro and 1,500 Euro
Mini Corporates Annual Fees between 100 Euro and 250 Euro

Mini Corporate membership is available to interested organisations from the World Bank list of HIPC and LIC countries - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries.


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Large/Small/ Mini Corporate members are entitled to receive up to 25/10/5 copies respectively of the DbI Review. If you do not require this many copies of the DbI Review please indicate here as it saves money if we only print the number of copies actually required.

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