DbI Objectives

DbI's objectives are:

  • to promote and improve the recognition and awareness of deafblindness as a unique congenital or acquired disability that affects children, adults and elderly people
  • to support the civil rights of deafblind people and the equalisation of opportunities in all aspects of life
  • to encourage the development of networks and opportunities for association and learning for professionals and to the benefit of deafblind people and their families
  • to enable interaction between deafblind people, families, professionals, organisations in the field and the wider community
  • to promote and improve education and opportunities for development for deafblind people
  • to encourage support and services for deafblind people that lead to self-determination and quality of life
  • to promote and improve quality in services for deafblind people by encouraging research, staff development and training, policies that lead to good practice and the dissemination of information.

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