Corporate Members

DbI was founded because of a number of national organisations working in the field of deafblindness recognised the value of sharing information and ideas more widely. They wanted to connect to support service development across the world. Others have joined the original group and they include schools, associations, institutions, companies and voluntary organisations.

Corporate members, numbering about 60, provide the foundation for the work of DbI and play the key role in its direction and management. Their representatives are elected to the Board and the Management Committee. It is the will to work together and the organizational capacities of the corporate members that create the spirit and impact of DbI.

Connect with us: Help make a difference for people with deafblindness worldwide and join us now as a corporate member!

There are three tiers of corporate membership, depending on the size of the organisation and the membership fee paid:

  • Large Corporates: Annual Fees ranges between 3000 Euro and 5,000 Euro
  • Small Corporates: Annual Fees ranges between 300 Euro and 1,500 Euro
  • Mini Corporates: Annual Fees between 100 Euro and 250 Euro. Mini Corporate membership is available to interested organisations from the World Bank list of HIPC and LIC countries – Heavily Indebted Poor Countries.

Please click on large / small / mini corporate members for the details of current members.

To become a corporate member, please register:

Number of Corporate Members

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Contribute to the decision-making process within DbI

  • You are a voting member of DbI and can exercise your vote at the General Meeting
  • You could get elected as a member of the DbI Board and take part in shaping the organisation
  • You can be a member of the different time bound / task specific committees to help develop new actions
  • You could be co-opted as a Management Committee member and be a part of the team to execute decisions


Access good quality information

  • You can publish articles in the DbI Review
  • You can link your organisation with the DbI Website
  • You will be regularly informed about developments in DbI


Be a part of the DbI Networks

  • You could be a member of any of the DbI Networks that interest you
  • You could lead a DbI Network
  • You can start a DbI Network based on the needs or your region


Participate in DbI Conferences

  • You can be a delegate at the DbI regional and world conferences
  • You can meet with deafblind people, family members and colleagues from various parts of the world
  • You can share your experiences, views and research at the DbI conferences
  • You will be proactively informed about forthcoming DbI events and conferences
  • You could host a DbI event in your region