DbI Activities include:

  • Publishing DbI Review, the leading international journal in the deafblind field
  • World and European conferences every four years
  • Encouraging and developing networks. DbI Networks are international groups of individuals or organisations / institutions from at least 3 countries. Networks can be based on geography, language, culture or focus. These include the Acquired Deafblindness Network, CHARGE Network, Communication Network, Congenital Deafblindness in Adults Network, Employment Network, European Deafblind Network (EdbN), Latin America Network, Rubella Network, Siblings Network, Tactile Communication Working Group, Usher Study Group (USG)
  • Providing information to individuals on deafblindness.


DbI does not provide direct services for people who are deafblind and it does not actively raise funds. It depends on membership fees for its income and to be able to undertake these activities. Individual membership fees are very low, so what is essential to DbI is that it is supported by as many corporate members as possible.