Connecting: Meet ComCom

Connecting: Meet ComCom

DbI is all about connecting in deafblindness worldwide. Connecting of course means communicating. So no wonder is connecting through proactive internal and external communication one of our top strategic priorities.

In the current management year proactive communication has inspired two major achievements so far: The reorganisation of our communication and the relaunch of a new and digital DbI Review.

Part of the reorganisation is the newly created Communication Committee ComCom. ComCom is responsible for all outreaching communication of DbI. Meanwhile, the secretariat concentrates on all internal communication and is the first contact for all external inquiries.

ComCom includes with Dmitry Polikanov the Information (Facilitation) Officer. Together with his team in Russia he takes care of the English and Russian version of the DbI Review and provides technical support in all communicative matters. At the moment the team is very busy programming the new website of DbI. With Eugenio Romero Rey, the editor of the Spanish DbI Review is also a member of ComCom and active on all communicative channels of DbI  – as all other committee members. Graciela Ferioli of course is our social media pioneer and star. Roxanna Spruyt-Rocks is also coordinating the activities of the newly created group of DbI Communication Ambassadors all over the world. Trees van Nunen-Schrauwen is in her role as Network Coordinator ComCom’s direct link to all DbI Networks. And Mirko Baúr as ComCom’s current Chair guarantees as Vice President of DbI a strategic orientation and a direct connection to all African projects.

Meet ComCom in its new short-film and notice: YOU, too, are part of this reorganisation. It’s YOUR proactive communication with ComCom that helps us spread all the relevant news and information. That is how DbI becomes what we all want: THE point of connection in deafblindness worldwide. So get in touch!

Your ComCom

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