"Include Me"

"Include Me"

Deafblind International is indeed thrilled to have contributed to “Include Me” in support of children with multiple disabilities or deafblindness.

“Include Me” is ICEVI’s open source publication for families, caregivers, community workers, educators, and friends who support and encourage children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment (MDVI) or deafblindness (DB) to participate in home, community and educational activities.

Written from the perspective of a child with MDVI or deafblindness, “Include Me” helps us all to hear the voice of a child who, like all children, is “waiting and wanting to be loved, respected, and included”.

“Include Me” has been created in English and 17 other languages, and all versions are available for download and printing (A4 size paper, landscape page layout) on the ICEVI website –http://icevi.org/include-me-mdvi-deafblindness-publication/.

Please join us in sharing this valuable resource with your networks and communities, as part of our shared efforts to promote awareness, inclusion and celebration of children around the world with multiple disabilities or deafblindness.

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