Deafblind Africa Network

About the Deafblind Africa Network

The Deafblind Africa Network (DbAN) was launched at the 1st DbI Africa Conference held in Nairobi in May 2022. The Network is one of the networks of Deafblind International with a geographical focus. The Network seeks to bring together individuals and organizations that have an interest in promoting the rights and inclusion of deafblind persons in Africa.

Objectives of the Network

  1. To connect stakeholders to engage on issues relating to deafblindness in Africa
    • Mobilize membership to the Network
    • Establish thematic interactive platforms for Network members
    •  Promote linguistic inclusion and diversity of the continent in the activities of the Network
  2. To raise awareness on deafblindness in Africa and on its recognition as a distinct disability
    • Support initiatives to influence African governments on issues of deafblindness 
    • Engage with regional organizations to influence their policies and programs
    • Support awareness creation activities on deafblindness at national and regional levels
  3. To contribute to the improvement of services for persons with deafblindness in Africa
    • Facilitate technical cooperation and assistance on deafblind service delivery
    • Encourage collaboration in development and delivery of deafblindness programs
    • Promote capacity building and skills transfer on deafblind services
  4. To facilitate the creation and dissemination of knowledge on deafblindness in Africa
    • Promote the African Researchers Initiative
    • Convene the DbI Africa Conference
    • Organize webinars and other discussion sessions on deafblindness


Membership to the Deafblind Africa Network is free and open to individuals and organizations that share the objectives and passion of the Network. To join the network, kindly fill out the online membership form.  

Contact Person

Ann Muthoni 

Admin Assistant with Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya

Network Interim Leaders

  1. David Munyendo, Kenya
  2. Anthony Nzuki, Kenya
  3. Richard Mativu, Kenya
  4. Mary Maragia, Kenya
  5. Martin Kieti, Kenya 
  6. Dr. Daniel S. Q. Dogbe, Ghana
  7. Victor Locoro, Uganda
  8. Pawlos Kassu, Ethiopia
  9. Dr Maii Ameen, Egypt
  10. Prof Juvenalis Asantemungu, Tanzania