General information on deaf-blindness (and related syndromes)

Open Hands, Open Access (OHOA): Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules
About CHARGE syndrome
CHARGE Syndrome Foundation Webinars
Nordic welfare centre: Theory of Mind and Alstroms syndrome (English subtitles)
Nordic welfare centre: Physical and Mental Health at people with Usher type 2 (English subtitles)
Specialist resources, training and organisational contacts related to sensory impairment in UK
Perkins Publications
National Sensory Impairment Partnership
DeafBlind Ontario Services
SENSE India publications
Perkins library
Anne Sullivan library
Accesibility of websites from Deafblind Ontario Services
Chetana Library
Bloom Library

Resources in foreign languages

Center for special materials on deafblindness. Denmark
Education and Rehabilitation services in Italy
Educational Resources in Danish
Lectures on elderly and combined vision and hearing loss in Norwegian (English subtitles)
Community of practice in deafblindness in French & English
University Hospital of North Norway
Chetana Charitable Trust in English, Spanish and India local languages
ONCE. Library on Visual Impairment (visual impairment, blindness and deafblindness). Spain
Apsocecat (Associació Catalana pro Persones amb Sordceguesa.)
DLAN Deafblind association of Slovenia
Perkins International Latin America: "Physical education for people with visual disabilities and deafblindness"
Checklist to identify people with Deafblindness in Spanish
Self-management for dual sensory impaired older adults: an effective approach? Dr. Lieve Roets-Merken, PhD
Perkins library
Anne Sullivan library
Accessibility Guidelines from Deafblind Ontario Services