Networks are recognized as one of the core activities of Deafblind International. In the constitution, one of the stated objects of DbI is to stimulate the development of networks of specialized professionals collaborating to benefit deafblind people and their families. Networks are international groups of individual members and or organizations, schools, and institutions approved by the Board from at least three countries that are mutually connected by language, culture, geographic location, or objects and satisfy criteria to be determined by the Board. Networks, comprised of members of the organization, are permitted to cast votes in the election process and at the annual meeting. Some Networks become members of the DbI Board. Currently, there are 16 DbI Networks:

For any question regarding DbI Networks please contact our Network Coordinator: Trees van Nunen-Schrauwen.

DbI will consider new Networks upon completion of the following application form. Please provide all the information asked for. The same information should be provided in updating reports.

Network Application Form Network Guidelines (2018)

In order to be recognized your proposed Network must:

  • Be in sympathy with the objectives of DbI
  • Involve at least 3 countries
  • Have an agreed means for communication among members
  • Be project-based and time-limited or an ongoing interest group with an action plan
  • Provide details of the contact person
  • Report to DbI at least every 2 years
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Trees van Nunen-Schrauwen, Network Coordinator,