Creative Arts Network

The Creative Arts Network is relatively new among DBI Networks which is why our first goal is to build group membership, with people who use Creative Arts or Arts therapies in their lives or as a professionals working with deafblind people. Creative Arts and Art Therapy can be a very broad term that can include the use of dance, music, visual arts, drama and a wide range of different creative modalities. We hope this network will grow, and create a space for people to share their experiences on how and in what way they use Creative Arts or Art Therapy with people who are deafblind.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To share experience of using Creative Art or Art Therapy
  • To share information about the Creative Arts Network in order to encourage membership
  • To support group members to share their experience in the field of Creative Arts or Art Therapies
  • To create social networks platform for connection between members


For more information on Creative Arts Network or if you would become a member please contact:

Ivana Macokatic (Network Leader)

Claire Fraser (Assistant Network Leader)

To become a member of this DbI Network please register here:
Register Individual DbI and Network Membership – Deafblind International