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Dr. Jan van Dijk (1937-2018)


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Welcome to Deafblind        International!

Founded 42 years ago by a group of determined individuals, we strive daily to achieve to our vision…

To be the international association which promotes the awareness and knowledge of deafblindness as a unique disability and to influence for appropriate services for people who are deafblind around the world.”

Call for Papers submissions is open the entire month of August!

Overdue DbI Memberships

We have a large number of 2017 memberships that are overdue plus all 2018 invoices have been sent out; these are due as well.

Reminder emails have been sent to all outstanding individual and corporate memberships.

Since the upgrade of our DbI website we have been having some problems on the payments page. These problems have been fixed now and the system is secure and ready to go.

Please contact Gary Daly, DbI Secretary if you require invoices to be re-issued and they will be emailed to you.

What’s New

Opening New Service in Paraguay

Opening New Service in Paraguay

On August 3, 2018 the CENTRO EDUCATIVO INTEGRAL HELEN KELLER – CEIHK  for children and…
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Job Posting: Postdoctoral Researcher

Job Posting: Postdoctoral Researcher

Background: Psychology, Public Health, or Closely Related Discipline Location: Department of Public Health, University of…
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FROM HELEN KELLER THROUGH NOW. International Day of deafblindness.

FROM HELEN KELLER THROUGH NOW. International Day of deafblindness.

On the week June 27 DBI celebrated International Day of Deafblindness and it encouraged to…
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Our History

In 1965, during the second international deafblind seminar (Kalundborg, Denmark), a proposal was made to be part of The International Council of Educators of Blind Youth (ICEBY), which was the education committee within The World Council for the Welfare of the Blind (WCWB).

The proposal was sanctioned, and was valid from the third international conference (Sint-Michielsgestel, Holland) in 1968.