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The DbI Review is the magazine of Deafblind International. It’s gone digital in 2020. The new journal includes articles, interviews, news, and announcements. It is published twice a year – in late April and late October.

The first digital issue #63 was released in spring 2020.

The latest digital issue #64 was released in autumn 2020.  You can download it here: Download

Click here to view a list of archived editions of DbI Review articles.

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DbI Review team announces a call for papers for the next issue

Your articles, interviews, news, and announcements are welcome. Please, send your proposals and articles to academy@so-edinenie.org. See attached submission requirements for authors. The deadline is March 1st, 2021. And the sections are the following: 

News (short section of the key news – post-releases – from the members and networks, no less than 2,000 characters each post-release, not just mentioning the facts of the meetings, but the substance as well) 

  •  DBI strategic news 
  •  Network news 
  •  Members’ news 
  •  Announcements (of the DBI and members’ events – for long-term events, i.e. within the 6-month period).  

Academic-type” articles –  7,000-10,000 characters. References according to APA style.

Interviews –  5,000-10,000 characters.

Exchange of experience – short articles (5,000 characters) on the new methods of work, revelations, etc. 

Technologies – short articles (5,000 characters) about new technological developments.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


The DBI Review Team


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