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DbI Communication Ambassador: Call for Action

DbI’s newly formed Communication Committee (DbI ComCom) is reaching out your help!

We expect an Ambassador to take DbI’s communication to the next level by leveraging your knowledge and expertise in this area.  As the old saying goes, it takes a village.

We assume that an Ambassador has well established communications with local, regional and maybe national media, an inspiring website and/or an involving social media presence. We believe that these resources could help us to spread the word about deafblindness, quality services and DbI all over the world.

What are the responsibilities of a Communication Ambassador:

  1. Assist DbI in ensuring that its social media posts are reposted on your organization pages within a short period of time (1-5 business days).
  2. Assist DbI by ensuring access to your media network and sharing DbI press releases and communication with your media network within a short period of time (1-5 business days).
  3. Assist DbI by having the key contact keep his/her ears to the ground to assist in sourcing regional news and information that could be shared with DbI membership and can be posted on DbI pages.
  4. DbI would be grateful to have the key contact act as an ambassador and connector within their geographic area.
  5. Organizations serving as DbI Communication Ambassadors will receive the official DbI Communication Ambassador Logo to be used freely in all of their communication. You will have your finger on the pulse of DbI’s communication and be fully informed about worldwide developments in our field. Your organization will have a presence in the upcoming short film about DbI’s Communication Committee ComCom. In addition, twice a year you will be invited to join an online meeting with ComCom to discuss the collaboration and the further development of DbI’s communication.

Help us to make a difference for people with deafblindness worldwide and join us as a DbI Communication Ambassador! We are looking forward to your answer.

Please reach out directly to Roxanna Spruyt Rocks about your interest at


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Mary Maragia — Head of Deafblind Unit Kilimani Integrated Primary School, Kenya,

Victor Locoro — Kyambogo University (Uganda),

Kamonyo Botanyi Joie Pascal – Francophone Africa,



Sampada Shevde — Perkins India,

Namita Jacob — Chetana Trust (India),

Hassan Currimbhoy — Chetana Trust (India),



Jane O’Keefe — Able Australia,

Emily Truswell — SensesWA,

Meredith Prain — DeafBlind Australia,

Frances Gentle — International Resource: ICEVI-Network,



Richard Kramer — Sense (UK),

Trees van Nunen Schrauwen — Kentalis (Netherlands),

Mirko Baur — Tanne SF (Switzerland),

Deirdre J. Leech — Anne Sullivan Centre (Ireland),

Darija Udovicic — Perkins Director,

Julia Mayorova – Con-nection (Russia),

Elisabeth Schuetz — Sense International (UK),

Julien Mast — CRESAM French National Centre for Deafblindness (France),

Vikram Choudhary – German Deafblind Association,



Ricardo Zevallos — Sense International (Peru),

Carmen Lucía Guerrero (Guatemala), or

Raul Gutierrrez – ASOMAS (Asociacion Mexicana Anne Sullivan IAP),

Isabel Galindez – ASOMAS (Asociacion Mexicana Anne Sullivan IAP),

Carolyn Sanchez — Chile,

Graciela Ferioli – Argentina,

Yvette Gallegos Barro – Mexico,

Benita González Reyes – Ministerio de Educación de la República Dominicana (Dominican Republic),

Maria Elena Nassif – Argentina,

Valeria Franco – Argentina,

Kaique Fermiano Manuel – Brazil,

Fernanda Cristina Falkoski – Brazil,

Ramón Hernández-Villoria – Venezuelan Society of Phoniatricians (Venezuela),

Ana Paola Rodea Saldivar – Mexico,

Martaelena Ramirez – Mexico,

Alma Lorena Leyva Luna – Center Specialized in Multiple Disabilities and Deafblindness (Mexico),

Maria del Carmen Schleske Morales – Center Specialized in Multiple Disabilities and Deafblindness (Mexico),



Susan Manahan — DeafBlind Ontario Services (Canada),

Sam Marren — DeafBlind Ontario Services (Canada),

Karen Madho — DeafBlind Ontario Services (Canada),

Chris Woodfill  — Helen Keller Centre (USA),

Samantha Gaspar — Sensity (Canada),

Cheryl Ramey – George Brown College (Canada) – Deafblind & Intervenor Studies Certificate Program,


Please note the DbI Ambassador list is updated annually.