Yarn Bombing 2024

We invite you to join us again in June 2024 for a movement that will build awareness about deafblindness on a global scale.

In June 2023, over 30 installations were created in DbI’s third yarn bombing initiative, with colourful, tactile displays on fences, pillars, bicycles, and community spaces around the world!

Yarn bombing, which is sometimes known as ‘knitfiti’, is a form of street art where yarn that is knit, crochet, or wrapped, adorns an object in a public space. It is thought to have originated in the United States in 2005.

DbI members embraced yarn bombing after hearing about its unique ability to connect communities from our colleagues in Australia. Since launching yarn bombing on a global scale in 2021, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we received the following positive feedback:

  • “The involvement we had with families, with teachers and also people with deafblindness was incredible.”
  • “It was a fun way to shed light on deafblindness.”
  • “Exciting to see everything come together with all of the photos shared on socials.”
  • “Enjoyed having the tools available with suggestions!”
  • “I like the way it was managed.”

By coming together to yarn bomb objects in as many cities and countries as possible in June, we strive to foster connections and unite a community with individuals, service and advocacy groups in the field, DbI members and partners, and the wider global public.

Regardless of whether your country, region, or organization celebrates deafblind awareness as a month, a week, or day, our combined efforts will create a stronger and united voice.

Why Yarn Bombing?

In 2021, 2022 and 2023 yarn bombing raised awareness about deafblindness worldwide through media coverage, social media promotion, and by captivating bystanders in participating countries, cities, and regions.

We aim to build on the success of last year’s initiative, and build a larger yarn bombing movement in 2024! Our goal is to increase awareness and knowledge of deafblindness as a unique disability and influence for appropriate services for people who are deafblind around the world.

Let’s connect through this exciting, fun, and creative largescale tactile art project.



Thank you for registering your organization/group! This toolkit will help you invest your time in developing a strategy that is efficient, effective, and fun.

Yarn Bombing 2024 Guide


Please note that messaging and campaign materials are provided in DbI’s official language, English. We encourage the translation of these materials as required and promote accessible, inclusive formats. Fees associated with translation are not the responsibility of DbI. You will also receive monthly reminders to guide your yarn bombing initiative.