Who We Are


My name is Ivana and I would like to say a few words about Deafblind International Creative Arts Network.

Creative Arts Network has been established recently and includes members, such as music, dance, art therapists and specialists who use creative arts to support deafblind children or adults.

Our aim is to connect with all of you who share our intrest in using Creative arts with deafblind people, and also to share/exchange our experience in order to improve and broaden our knowledge.

At the moment we are working on two activities. The first activity in which we are involved is called Yarn bombing. What is yarn bombing about?

Our members organise yarn workshops, intended for deafblind people and in the end, we create a poster, combining all of their works.

The second activity includes monthly meetings during which one person presents a specific topic and we all discuss it later.

The aim is to incorporate different elements from various fields into our work.

So, if you use music, art, dance or any other creative elements, we would be delighted if you joined our Creative arts Network and we would be happy to share, discuss, implement or generate new ideas with you.

 If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us through Facebook or by email ivanam@malidom.hr