Family Network


Massiel Requena

Founder and president of the Civil Association “Come walk with me to build inclusive families”. Organization dedicated to provide care and training to people with disabilities with sensory and intellectual bases and their families.

Family Counseling

Aurea Soza

Founder and president of Institución SULLAI in Córdoba Argentina. Organization dedicated to the education, care and residence of children, youth, and adults with deafblindness
and/or multiple disabilities and their families.

Executive secretary

Maria del Carmen Schleske

Founder and president of CEMDYS
Specialized Center in Multiple Disability and Deafblindness AC.
Initiative that arises from the exchange of knowledge between families and professionals, dedicated to the dissemination, care of children, youth, adults, their families, training of professionals and awareness of educational communications in general.


The Family Network or Family Network (English) was born in 2022, being promoted by Graciela Ferioli who, attending the Network of Latin Americanand Caribbean Leading Families of People with Disabilities, as an advisor, summons Aurea Sosa from Argentina, María del Carmen Schleske from Mexico and Massiel Requena from Venezuela, to offer the necessary accompaniment in favor of the formation and initial leadership of the Network of Families of the Deafblind International (DbI). Recognizing the importance, trajectory, and work of an organization like DbI, these three mothers of adults with accepted her proposal and started all the required procedures until they were formally accepted as a Network in July 2022.

Background of achievements with the Network of Latin American and Caribbean Leading Families of Persons with Disabilities 

6th International Symposium on Education for deaf people, Dominican Republic “The family of people with disabilities as an agent of social change” April 23, 2022 430 views
520 range
FB Network
*Subtitles in English and Portuguese
*Sign language in YT Symposium
Commemoration International Deafblind Day “From birth to adulthood, a challenging experience“ July 8, 2022 492 views
138 participants online
4 panelists
105 range
*Subtitles in English
FB and YT Network
ICEVI Latin America “Family Panel, Exchange of knowledge” July 13, 2022 85 scopes FB and YT Network
*Subtitles in English YT
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