Acquired Deafblindness Network (ADBN)


Though the provenance of campaigning organisations of and for deafblind people is often found in shared concern about the needs of congenitally deafblind children, the field of deafblindness has expanded.  Organisations and the research community are now active in seeking to better understand and meet the needs of other members of the deafblind population, including those with acquired dual sensory loss.  Acquired deafblindness has its own challenges, distinct from those associated with congenital deafblindness. The aim of ADBN is to provide an opportunity for members to share knowledge, experience and ideas to enhance our understanding, develop best practice and promote quality of service for people with acquired deafblindness.  

ADBN seeks to enhance understanding of acquired deafblindness by developing and sharing not only theoretical and research knowledge, but also that from lived experience and practice.  We therefore welcome anyone with an interest in acquired deafblindness to join, including those with acquired deafblindness because of conditions associated with old age, or earlier in life, practitioners working with people with acquired deafblindness, researchers working or interested in the acquired deafblindness field or a combination of these.

ADBN engages its members through webinars, events at Deafblind International Conference and the sharing of contacts.  We are also always keen to hear members’ ideas about the work of the network, so do get in touch.


To become a member, simply contact the Chair (details below), who will be in touch:


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Telephone: +44 (0)121 300 4281

Twitter: @peterjsimcock

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