Network of the Americas

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Who Are We?

We are one of a number of networks of Deafblind International.  Our network is one based on geographics; in that we are focused on those who live in the Americas.  We are organized by a volunteer group of individuals from a variety of countries in the Americas. We are focused on bringing together individuals and organizations to share information such that they can develop and provide quality services in the regions of the Americas from which they come. Membership is free to anyone who shares our vision.


To be the DbI Network  that joins together members from across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean to collaborate, support, and share information, best practices and policies toward the attainment of the highest quality of life for people with deafblindness, their families and the larger community.


  1. Brought together an organizing committee from various countries in the Americas (USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile)
  2. Collaborated with Perkins School for the Blind (USA) to deliver a conference in Cape Cod USA (2018 – 500 attendees)
  3. Organized an online parent information session with interpretation into Portuguese and Spanish and English as a pre-symposium session
  4. Collaborated with Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (USA) to deliver an online conference (2021 – 1000 registered)
  5. Developed an information letter that has been widely distributed encouraging people to join both DbI and our Network
  6. Marianne our chair attends regular Network leader meetings with the DbI Network Coordinator and other Network leaders
  7. Organized a one hour online information Zoom meeting with 27 people in attendance to share information about DbI and the network (December 2021)


Membership is open to anyone who wishes to share in this mission. To join go to network membership


Chris Montgomery

Chris Montgomery, Chair

Network Leaders

Carolyn Monaco  

Gloria Rodriguez-Gil 

Christopher Montgomery 

Network Advisors

Christopher Russell:  New York Deafblind Project- U.S

Theresa Tancock: Canadian Deafblind Association, British Columbia – – Canada 

Julie A Maier: California Deafblind Services U.S.

Oriana Donoso Araya:  UMCE-Chile

Laura Lebre Monteiro Anccilotto – Brazil (Representing Ibero Latin American Network)

Ximena Serpa