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Chairs of the Technology Network

Picture of Mijkje Worm: female, light brown hair at shoulder length, blue eyes.

Mijkje Worm


Thomas Ragnarsson

Dick Lunenborg

Aims and objectives:

Technology is developing quickly, but often needs to be adapted to be accessible for persons with a vision and hearing impairment. We believe it is important to share experiences, so that all of us can inspire and learn from each other. This way, smart solutions may be used by many more persons. 

Our focus is on the broad field of technology that is applicable for people with deafblindness, both acquired and congenital. We aim to find technology that encourages self-determination, communication, independence and entertainment. Activities refer to:

  • Making existing and new technology in a wide range of branches, including ICT and audiology, accessible for people with deafblindness
  • Collecting needs and ideas (related to this topic) from people with deafblindness. Finding technical solutions, either by adjustment of existing applications or by developing new technology 
  • Promote scientific research on haptic perception and haptic technology
  • Share information about existing devices and applications in relation to persons with deafblindness and their involved professionals

Network founders:

Monica Estenberger (SE)
Eric van Heuvelen (NL)
Henrik Hildemar (SE)
Karin Jönsson (SE)
Dick Lunenborg (NL)
Charlotte Magnusson (SE)
Thomas Ragnarsson (SE)
Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn (SE)
Jenny Widmark (SE)
Mijkje Worm (NL)

How to become a member:

We welcome new members! Do you want to keep in touch with the activities of this network? Please send an e-mail to us with the phrase ‘Add me to DBI Technology Network’ in the title. You will then receive an update by email twice a year with current developments and news. We will also invite you to our update-sessions.

Would you like share your activities, experiences and/or ideas? Or do you have any questions? Please get in touch with us.

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