Communication Network


Chair of the Communication Network

Prof. Marleen Janssen.


Please contact Prof. Marleen Janssen. 

If you would like to join the DbI Communication Network e-mail list, please send an e-mail to us with the phrase ‘Please add me to DBI Communication Network” in the title. You will then receive an update by email two times a year with current developments and news.To connect with others in the field of deafblindness that share an interest in communication and deafblindness, please join our Facebook Group titled Deafblind International Communication Network (currently in development).


The DbI Communication Network is one of the oldest and active networks of Deafblind International and was founded in 1989 at the DbI conference in Warwick. It started as the European Working group on Communication and for many years this network organized conferences and courses in Europe as a smaller regional network.

Now the aim is to make the DbI Communication Network an umbrella network for individual members and other sub networks related to communication with the key objectives being: 

  1. To share knowledge on communication from different countries, in which video análysis of communication with persons who are deafblind is the key focus.
  1. To support smaller networks working autonomously or together to share knowledge about specific aspects of communication and deafblindness 
  1. To open the Communication Network to individual members, including professionals, persons with deafblindness, parents and siblings, researchers and other people who are interested in this topic.

The DbI Communication Network committee are:

Prof. Dr. Marleen Janssen, The Netherlands (Chair and Network leader)

Dr. Meredith Prain, Australia (Deputy and Assistant Network leader) Helle Buelund Selling, MSc, Denmark (Member and Assistant Network leader)