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Who will Take the Leadership for DBI in the Period 2019 – 2023?

Are you, or someone you know, interested to take on one of these officer’s roles?

We are seeking dedicated and passionate persons who can take the lead in the further development of DbI, those who are willing and able to work in close collaboration with families, professionals and persons with deafblindness from around the world.


By serving on the Board, Corporate members and Networks have a great opportunity to lead DbI into the future, by taking on the responsibility of managing the association. For further information please visit


The DbI Nominations Committee urge you to have your say and take part in the process towards the election of the future President, Vice-President (2) and Board members of DbI, to be ratified during the Annual General Meeting in the upcoming DbI World Conference in Australia’s Gold Coast, August 12–16, 2019.

The first call for nominations should have reached all members by now, and we hope you take the opportunity to make sure there will be a solid and dedicated leadership within DbI also in the next period.


When you consider your nominations for President and Vice-Presidents, please have these guidelines in mind:

  1. The person you are nominating must be able to be unifying and demonstrate fairness and honesty. The President and Vice-Presidents cannot self-nominate.
  2. The nominated person needs to be a good communicator and be able to represent DbI at the highest level.
  3. A nominated Vice-President should be willing and able to stand in for the President, if necessary.

When you consider nominations for the Board, please have these guidelines in mind:

  1. The Board consists of Corporates and Networks. Self-nomination to the Board is acceptable. The nominated Corporate must be a paid-up 2018 member of DbI. The same applies to representatives for Networks.
  2. The nominated corporate/network must have a representative who is willing to stand.
  3. The representative should have the resources and capacity to attend meetings.

The nominees must have the best interests of DbI at heart and approach the work in a positive and honest way.

The Nominations Committee is seeking as wide a representation as possible for the Board. The Board will be composed of a President, 2 Vice-Presidents, the immediate Past-President, and no more than 35 other members.

No more than 15 members of the Board can be large corporate members. This means that there will be up to 20 seats available for small corporates and networks.

The function time for Board members is 4 years.



An electronic ballot decides who will be President and Vice-Presidents. When the nominations process is over by the end of November 2018, all members who have the right to cast a vote will receive information on the voting process. This electronic ballot takes place from February to April 2019.

Note that you are required to pay your DbI membership fee for 2019 by March 2019, for your vote to be accepted.

Nominees for President and Vice-President will receive immediate information of the outcome.

Nominated Board members will receive information of the Nominations Committee’s proposal no later than April 2019. The Annual General Meeting appoints the new Board during the World Conference in August 2019.

Any questions concerning nominations – send it to


The Nominations Committee is active setting up the process for the next elections for DbI Board which will take place in 2019.  To access the forms click on the following titles DbI Nominations form Board members2019 DbI Nominations form President and Vice Presidents (2)Role of the BoardRoles of the Vice Presidents