The 2nd International Young Researchers Conference on Deafblindness is a unique opportunity for newly engaged professionals (under the age of 40) to share their research initiatives and/or participate in training from highly recognized experts in the field. It is the largest venue in the world for those interested in the development, education and support of people with various degrees of vision and hearing impairment including individuals with addition disabilities (e.g. intellectual disabilities). In November 2019, exceptionally talented students, graduate students and young scientists from Europe, Asia, Americas and Russia will meet in St. Petersburg, Russia to engage in an agenda that includes professional development, research presentations, and networking with peers and experts. In addition, this 2nd annual conference will include a Pre-Conference for young adults with deafblindness. The Pre-Conference will overlap by one day with the researchers’ conference and participants will have the opportunity to share experiences, engage in action research activities and make personal connections to support continued collaborations.
The conference agenda spans a five-day period, with the following agenda:
Days 1 & 2 Young Adult Conference devoted to youth with deafblindness. Participating youth with participate in art workshops, excursions within the beautiful and historical city of St. Petersburg; team-building exercises; creative dramatic training; and other valuable experiences of determination.
Day 3 Young Deafblind Adults and Researchers will jointly participate in a program that provides facilitated activities for networking; building relationships; identify/discuss emerging challenges in the field of deafblindness and participate in the design future studies.
Day 4 & 5 These last two days of the conference are dedicated to the participating young researchers to share their experiences in the field; present their research and discuss their shared as well as country-specific developments in educating and support individuals with deafblindness. In addition, leading experts in the field of deafblindness will present plenary sessions and workshops.

Deafblindness is a unique and low incidence disability in which individuals present with a combined vision and hearing impairment. Professionals and scholars continue to develop and practice strategies that will make the lives of people with deafblindness better. Scientists travel the world, share their experiences, research difficult questions and literally explore the future. However, there is so much more to discover, develop and implement to address. It will take an international effort to solve challenges and create new methods on behalf of children, youth and adults with deafblindness – BECCOME A PART OF THIS INTERNATIONAL TEAM OF RESEARCHERS.
Parameters for Participation:
• Applicants must be young professionals who are interested and/or currently engaged in research within the field of deafblindness (it`s not important to have a great deal of experience in the field and a participant can be newly engaged; Youth with deafblindness should be interested in new experiences within the global community and have a desire to make new friends.
• Proposals may include presentations reflecting both large or small (single case) studies representing various fields (e.g. psychology, pedagogy, medicine, physiology, social work, etc.)
• Presentation Categories:
o Master Class Presentation: The Master Class is a 20-minute presentation of original research or practice relative to individuals who are deafblind and supported by current/emerging evidence;
o Short Message Presentation: The Short Message venue reflects a 5-7-minute presentation of original research or practice and/or an emerging research/practice idea or concept;
o Poster Presentation: Posters are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the use of an emerging innovative practice, typically in the early stages of development.
• For the Pre-conference the registration fee is not required
• Registration fee for the Conference is 100 Euro, includes:
• Conference Bag and Program;
• Coffee-breaks and lunches;
• Access to conference proceedings after the event.
• To participate, please fill in the registration form http://deafblindacademy.ru/conf2019, mark the form of participation and submit abstracts until September 20, 2019.
For more information, please, contact the organizers j.mayorova@so-edinenie.org
Travel-coordinator (hotels, visa support) k.yaritskaya@so-edinenie.org