It’s already started out great: With the opening of the 7th Africa Forum on Visual Impairment in the African Union. And it ended with two celebrations. Addis Ababa, the host city, celebrated the Nobel Peace Prize for the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali. And DbI the newly created network for the very first African conference of DbI. It will take place in autumn 2021 in Kenya. It involves passion, competence and great commitment throughout the continent and beyond. 13 people sat at the dinner table: activists with Deafblindness, researchers and practitioners. They will all do their utmost to ensure that the first African Conference takes place. As a conference that makes a real difference. For people with Deafblindness, for their families, their teachers and caregivers, for research, for Africa and the DbI world. Make a note right now: Kenya, autumn 2021.

Mirko Baúr, Vice-President DbI

Addis: View of an Ethiopian Orthodox ChurchDbI dinner guests