Message from Frank Kat, President of DbI

Dear friends and colleagues
These days we are all faced with unprecedented, challenging and difficult times. As it is might be difficult to cope with it for all of us, it is even more so for people with deafblindness. Day by day situation, rules and practice is changing. Evolving COVID-19 situation is changing our lives on a day to day basis and sometimes even shorter. As we all know persons with disabilities and their services are at risk.
And deafblind people are particularly in vulnerable situations since contact is so important in our practice.
Let us find each other now and stand together in these difficult times!
Deafblind International is about connecting. Connecting persons with Deafblindness, parents, teachers, caregivers, therapists, researchers, it is also about solidarity as a community especially now.
Communication is crucial in these times, so I invite all of you to use our networks: our special Facebook page, website, Instagram or other channels.
Actively share and exchange best practices and solutions.
Let’s do this together. Let’s find each other so we can keep communication open for those who need it the most, right now!
DBI is the point of connection, so let all of us use that point to make it work.
Thank you all for doing all you can do, the best you can do.
Frank Kat, DeafBlind International