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To write it with the words of DbI’s Coordinator of the African Researchers’ Initiative, Pawlos Kassu:

“In my opinion the forthcoming conference is very important. First it contributes immensely to addressing almost all the challenges persons with deafblindness are facing. It raises the awareness level because it is most likely to attract the attention of governments, policy makers, educators and other stakeholders. The conference will also increase the understanding of deafblindness through the various research outputs and discussions at the conference. Over 50 research abstracts have been submitted from all over Africa and beyond. That means there will be a lot of inputs, new revelations, insights. And the conference connects people from all across Africa and beyond. It facilitates discussions, exchange of ideas, partnership – which will most likely change the fate of persons with deafblindness in Africa and elsewhere for the better”.

So meet you online or, even better, on site in Nairobi. After pandemic years and with a new war in Eastern Europe this conference could indeed reinspire international collaboration! Be a part of it!


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