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My reasons for being a member? In a nutshell: DbI is a living example of making a diverse world more accessible for everyone to work together! Are you joining us?

Graciela Ferioli

Member of DbI's Communication Committee ComCom, Argentina - 26 April, 2020

Deafblind International is THE point of connection in deafblindness worldwide.
This is our passion and this is also our vision. To connect more and more and more. And to increase the impact we have for people with deafblindness and their families. This means for example growing exchange and learning from each other, identifying and promoting best practices, stimulating research in the field or advocating for international awareness and recognition of deafblindness as a unique and distinct disability.

For all of that and more, we need YOU as a member. Being or becoming a member: Please help us growing our impact and becoming indeed worldwide THE point of connection.

Becoming a member of Deafblind International (DbI) is very easy to do. You can register right here.

There are two kinds of membership:

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is available to any school, association, institution, company or similar and provides the foundation of DbI.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is available to any person who believes in the mission of DbI and is free of charge.

My reasons for joining Deafblind International are building global connections, meeting experts around the world where l could learn from their experience and best practices. I find the deafblind world is really fascinating and always rich in innovation and many humble experts. Are you joining us?

Weni Weningsih

Perkins International, Indonesia - May 24, 2020

I have been a member of DbI since 2011. And the reason that motivates me to be part, is that it makes me share with professionals from all over the world. I have the chance to learn from people with deafblindness, families, and other professionals. We can always do so much for others: That is the most important aspect for me. Are you joining us?

Carmen Lucia Guerrero

Professor , Universidad Galileo Facultad de Educación, Guatemala - May 23, 2020

My reasons for joining Deafblind International in 2017 was because being deafblind I count on DbI for standards around services for people who are deafblind, and for the coordination of action and the promotion of the well-being and interests of deafblind persons worldwide. The unique needs of deafblind people in New Zealand and surrounding Oceania remain largely unrecognized by health and other governmental agencies.

Don McKenzie

Deafblind Association New Zealand - May 22, 2020

My reasons for being a member? Connections with people who are deafblind and like-minded individuals including researchers, as well as access to resources and networking opportunities. The deafblind community is a global family—attend one international conference, and you will find yourself a member for life. Are you joining us?

Michelle Schmidt

Ph.D., Director of Instruction, Surrey Schools, Canada - May 21, 2020

My reasons for being a member? I and Able Australia benefit from being a member of DbI through the connections that we have made in this international community of experts. The Board is extremely supportive of new individual and organisational members and as a relative newcomer to DbI I have felt welcomed and included in all communications. I could recommend membership of DbI to anyone who is Deafblind or is supporting people with Deafblindness. You will be kept up to date with all developments in the world of Deafblindness and also have the opportunity to contribute and benefit from an international body of expertise.

Kate McRae

Chief Executive Officer , Able Australia - May 12, 2020

My reason for being a member? When working with deafblind issues, it is very important to collaborate with other organizations in the field. So please, join us!

Lena Göransson

Head of Operations , National Resource Center for Deafblindness, Sweden - May 12, 2020

My reason for being a member? Because we all want to make a real difference for people with deafblindness worldwide. And that means Africa and Ethiopia, too.  Are you joining us?

Roman Mesfin

Director, Ethiopian National Association of Deafblind ENADB, Ethiopia - May 12, 2020

My reasons for being a member? For ONCE, as a service provider in Spain for deafblind people, it is essential to be able to improve our competence in deafblindness and for this it is very important to share the experience, collaborating internationally and increasing the impact of DbI. Do you join us?

Eugenio Romero Rey

Deafblind Coordinator , ONCE, Spain - May 12, 2020

My reason for being a member? To keep informed about news and solutions worldwide in deafblindness. Are you joining us?

Asako Kawahara

Doctoral Student, Hiroshima University, Japan - 6 May, 2020

My reason for being a member? Because this is DbI: Invited by the CHARGE Network I discovered THE point of connection in deafblindness worldwide through my deafblind friend who has CHARGE. Are you joining us?


Deaf Auslan Tutor, DeafBlind Comm-Guide and Volunteer Deaf Relay Interpreter, Australia - 29 April, 2020

My reasons for being a member? To be a part of THE international organization in the field and stay updated about everything in deafblindness. Are you joining us?

Vula Ikonomidis

Coordinator DbI Ibero Latin American Network - April 23, 2020

My reason for being a member? To belong to a worldwide community of deafblind people, practitioners, academics and researchers in the field. Are you joining us?

Peter Simcock

Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Birmingham City University, School of Education and Social Work, UK - April 21, 2020