DbI has a wide range of members, both corporate and individual, from all over the world. Membership fees are set to reflect the size of the organisation and many individual members contribute what they can afford.

Participation is vital to DbI’s success and its management structure has an active Board which guides its direction, and a Management Committee to provide the engine for action. Everyone involved does so in a voluntary capacity.

The Secretariat performs a key role in managing membership and can answer your enquiries.

DbI has a complete document outlining the organisational structure.

The board is responsible for advising and managing the organization and meets once a year. It comprises representatives from large and small corporate members and networks. It considers and discusses all matters related to the strategic direction and operation of DbI in pursuing its objectives.

DbI Management Committee (ManCom) and the following Large & Small Corporate Members and Network Leaders make up DbI Board:

Voting Board Members

Akhil Paul
Sense International India

Andrea Wanka

Andrea Wanka
DbI Charge Network

Bernadette Kappen
The New York Institute for Special Education

Carolyn Monaco
CDBA National

Cathy Proll & Michelle Borton
ManCom – DbI Secretariat

Chris Montgomery
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Dominique Spriet

Eugenio Romero Rey
ONCE – Spanish National Organisation of the Blind

Frank Kat
Sint Lucas
ManCom – DbI President

Gill Morbey
ManCom – Immediate Past DbI President

Gloria Rodriguez Gil
Perkins International – Latin America Office

Henriette Hermann Olesen

Henriette Hermann Olesen
Center For Deafblindness and Hearing Loss
ManCom – DbI Vice President 

Jackie Brennan
Overbrook School for the Blind

Joe Gibson
DbI Outdoor Network

Kate McRae
Able Australia

Katherine Holland
Perkins International

Maria Brons
Royal Dutch Kentalis
ManCom – DbI Treasury

Maria Creutz

Maria Creutz
Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues

Marianne Riggio
Network of the Americas

Marleen Janssen
University of Groningen

Matthew Wittorff
Senses Australia

Mirko Baur

Mirko Baur
Tanne, Swiss Foundation for Congenital Deafblindness
ManCom – DbI Vice President

Pawlos Kassu
Addis Ababa University Ethiopia

Ricard Lopez

Ricard Lopez
DbI European Deafblind Network
FESOCE – Federación Española de Sordoceguera (Spanish Federation of Deafblind)

Roar Meland

Roar Meland
Eikholt National Resource Center for the Deafblind

Rossano Bartoli
Lega del Filo d’Oro

Roxanna Spruyt-Rocks
DeafBlind Ontario Services

Simon Allison
DbI Youth Network (DbIYN)

Sonja van de Molengraft
Centre National de Ressources Handicaps Rares – Surdicécité

Steven Scheffer
Royal Dutch Visio

Trees van Nunen-Schrauwen
Royal Dutch Kentalis
ManCom – DbI Network Coordinator

Ursula Heinemann
Österreiches Hilfswerk für Taubblinde


Lord Colin Low
International Board for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI)

Frances Gentle

Geir Jensen
World Federation of the DeafBlind

Yulia Mayorova
Deafblind Support Resource Center, Moscow
ManCom – DbI Information Officer

A Management Committee (ManCom) is appointed by Board to undertake executive action.
The current ManCom comprises the President, two Vice Presidents, a Development Officer, an Information Officer, a Network Coordinator, a Secretary, a Treasurer and the Immediate Past President.

Frank Kat

Vice Presidents
Henriette Hermann Olesen

Mirko Baur

Development Officer
to be appointed

Information Officer
Yulia Mayorova

Network Coordinator
Trees van Nunen-Schrauwen

Cathy Proll & Michelle Borton

Maria Brons

Immediate Past President
Gill Morbey

ComCom is responsible for DbI’s outreaching communication and its development.

Passionately active are:

  • Eugenio Romero Rey (i.a. Editor of the Spanish DbI Review)
  • Graciela Ferioli (i.a. DbI Social Media Pioneer)
  • Mirko Baur (i.a. Chair ComCom)
  • Roxanna Spruyt-Rocks (i.a. DbI Communication Ambassadors Coordinator)
  • Trees van Nunen-Schrauwen (i.a. DbI Network Coordinator)
  • Yulia Mayorova (i.a. DbI Information Officer)

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