African Conference: Great Progress Despite Pandemic

African Conference: Great Progress Despite Pandemic

Focus on a desired future helps in many crises. Looking at the positive future strengthens in the present and carries far beyond in a maelstrom of energy.

In the ongoing pandemic we can all need that. Especially since the life situations of people with deaf-blindness are still very challenging practically everywhere in the world. So we have a lot of work ahead of us: for deafblindness to be recognized as a specific and unique disability. And for correspondingly specialized service offerings. And that takes energy and confidence that we can do it together.

Also in Africa. All the more fantastic is the great progress the Planning Committee has made on the way to the 1st African Conference of DbI.
There is now:

  • A capable organization with 1 planning committee and 5 subcommittees for logistics, content, publicity, fundraising and accessibility
  • A link to DbI’s African Researchers’ Initiative, which supports 10 new research projects in Africa that will be presented at the conference
  • A connection with the World Federation of the Deafblind WFDB and the International Disability Alliance IDA to coordinate with the next Helen Keller World Conference
  • A direct involvement of the team of DbI’s Young Researchers’ Conference
  • A venue in Nairobi, Kenya, a hopeful date with October 6 to 8 2021, and soon a logo

This has been made possible thanks to broad support, especially from Sense International and Perkins International. And thanks to the newly completed local management team: With Edwin Osundwa, Director of Sense International Kenya as Strategic Chair of the Planning Committee, and Mary Maragia, Head of the Deafblind Unit at Kilimani Primary School in Nairobi as newly appointed Managing Coordinator.

The 1st African Conference will indeed be happening. Be a part of this positive perspective and energy already now!

Portrait of Edwin Osundwa, the strategic Chair of the Planning Committee. Edwin beams broadly in the direction of the photographer. He is wearing a light brown leather jacket and a white shirt. Portrait picture of Mary, the Managing Coordinator of the African Conference. Against a green background she smiles past the camera on the side. Mary wears a black and white patterned skirt and a black jacket. She wears her long black hair in many braids and wears brown glasses.

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