Campaing to identify people with deafblindness in Venezuela

Campaing to identify people with deafblindness in Venezuela

Deafblind International thanks Yvette Gallegos for the translation of this post from Spanish to English.

SOCIEVEN find deafblind people through the campaign named “short films for deafblind people”.
Program: “Create consciousness about deafblindness 2005-2017

In 2009, SOCIOVEN , Sordociegos de Venezuela A.C. through the Ambassador for deafblindness Anabella Troconis; created the first 7 short films, where they talk about the “deafblindness in a very simple way. They describe the basics of this condition: What is it?, Different types and profoundness of this life situation; different communication systems, Usher syndrome, How to collaborate, and What is “Cinco Sentidos en Acción” (five sense in action)

Each short film is presented by an ambassador for the deafbindness; each and every one of them is a known actor or tv host, who volunteered their image and social sensibility to transmit this message.

Deafblindness short film 1: What is it? (Albi de Abreu)

Deafblindness short film 2: Different levels (Agustín Signing)

Deafblindness short film 3: Different types (Karina Braun)

Deafblindness short film 4: Usher Syndrome (John Paul Ospina)

Deafblindness short film 5: Communication Systems (Pastor Oviedo)

Dafblindness short film 6: Different ways to collaborate with Socieven (Camila Canabal)

Deafblindness short film 7: Five Senses in Action (Edgar Ramirez y Anabella Troconis)


We received license from CONATEL for free transmission in media. Through these years, different sponsors, artists, social media, volunteers and professional have joined us in the task of sharing these short films in different educational and leisure spaces. These efforts continue until the present days.

Our main objective is that the people in Venezuela in general, could be sensibilzed and this could help us to diagnose the 5,000 cases of deafblind people that we estimate we have in Venezuela. From 1995 to december 2016 SOCIEVEN has located 862 people with a possible deafblindness diagnose .
Through the Program: “Dar a conocer la Sordocegura” (get to know the deafblindness) (2006-2016) we have found a total of 628 people with deafblindness . Because of these numbers we think that our job has been very successful and we truly believe that his campaign can be replicated.

We are very happy with our campaign and we invite you to join us.

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