Network of the month: CHARGE Network

Network of the month: CHARGE Network

My Name is Andrea Wanka.

I am a Professor for Deafblindness at the University of Education in Heidelberg, Germany. In 2000 I met my first child with deafblindness and there were a lot of questions on how to teach him – and not a lot of answers, yet. I asked many people with the aim to become more competent and to get inspired with different possibilities on how to teach him. I got some answers and developed more and more questions. Not just on children, also on adults. Not just on the people with Deafblindness, but also on the people in their surrounding and what it means to be a competent partner.

This is why I became international. This is why I attended my first DbI conference and with the time became more and more involved in DbI.

Currently I am chair of DbI CHARGE Network. But more than that I am part of the DbI family, where I can ask any question I have. It is not that I always get THE answer. But what I always get is that somebody is listening to me and discussing the questions. A lot of people are listening to and discussing with me. Really listening. And while listening and talking to each other, new ideas occure and ways to possible answers open up, I could perhaps never have seen alone, without my worldwide family.
DbI CHARGE Network is a meeting point for anybody interested in CHARGE Syndrome. The focus is on a network of profesionals, but we are open for anybody. We have a mailing list. If you would like to subscribe, please write an email to me.

We try to meet during DbI Conferences. In advance of DbI World Conference in Canada 2023, a preconference of DbI CHARGE Network is planned. Become a member, take part and make a difference!

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