Items in Other Languages

We are pleased to announce that with contributions from the executive, the membership, and other like-minded organizations we will begin to post publications in various languages on this page. This will allow you to download a PDF file of the document in its native language, without the need to have it translated.

Please check back on this page frequently for updates. Should you wish to submit a document for posting, please send an e-mail to Information Officer Stan Munroe.

Please note that DbI is not responsible for the non-English content of the deafblindness-related materials (announcements, papers, etc.)

Dia de la Sordoceguera from Socieven

Cursos y Eventos Mes de la Sordoceguera from Socieven

Et la vue? from Christine Aktouche

Queridos amigos todos! from Socieven

Tactuel Plattform from Leiterin Fachbereich

Adaptation sous-titrages from Leiterin Fachbereich