Season Greetings from Indonesia

Season Greetings from Indonesia

These greetings will make your day!

“Hello, greetings from Indonesia. We just returned to school. Stay healthy and strong. We love you!”

Greet your DbI-friends as well – in any form and any language!
DbI is all about connection in deafblindness worldwide. To connect we need to understand each other. And that means diversity: Building bridges across multiple cultures and multiple languages.
Let’s show the world that we can do it. Greet your DbI-friends in your main language and wish them a healthy and happy rest of 2021 and a wonderful start into 2022.
Send us  your message in any form and any language (for example written in Braille or print, with symbolic objects, with a picture or two or a very short video of max. 40 seconds). Please remember to make your message as accessible as possible for anyone with sensory impairment. If you need help with that please contact us.
Your message will be published on DbI’s website and/or DbI’s social media continuously until January 3, 2022.
And that is how you reach us:
E-Mail and WeTransfer to:
Send via traditional mail to: ComCom @ Tanne, Swiss Foundation for Congenital Deafblindness, Alte Dorfstrasse 3d, CH-8135 Langnau am Albis, Switzerland

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