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The 1st International Young Researchers Conference on Deafblindness

is a new and big event for most talented students, graduate students and young scientists from Europe, Asia, America and Russia who are interested in problem of visual and hearing impairments.

The main goal of the conference
is the exchange of experience between young specialists in deafblindness and the creation of an international network on which depends the future of the science and practical assistance to persons with deafblindness.

Time and place
Moscow on 9-11th of October 2018

Services FREE for participants:

– registration fee
– coffee breaks, lunches, welcome cocktail, farewell banquet
– Night Moscow city-tour

We invite young specialists (at the age up to 35 years) already having experience of scientific and practical work, as well as students who are just starting their way in the field of studying deafblindness.
We are waiting for the presentation of big and small researches and practical reports in the field of physiology, medicine, social work, psychology and education.
Possible forms of participation: without presentation, presentation – master class (20 minutes), short message (5 minutes), poster presentation.


The registration fee is not required for participation.
During the conference the participants will be provided with free food (coffee break, lunch, welcome cocktail, farewell banquet).
Registration is available on the website
For more information, please, contact the organizers
Travel-coordinator (hotels, visa support)


The Russian Deafblind Support Foundation “Con-nection”

2 Reviews

  1. For participants from developing countries especially from Africa, the age limit should be opened because it is the experienced teachers who get trained into special education and more especially deafblindness. I am over fifty years and I have started a project in my university where I am including a student with deafblindness in higher education. This is the first ever inclusion program for the deafblind in University in Ghana – West Africa. I would be grateful if I could be sponsored to participate in your forthcoming conference

  2. Hi Daniel, this is not a Deafblind International conference. You will need to contact the conference organisers in Moscow regarding your request. Their information is included in their publication. I am uncertain if they are offering sponsorship to this event.

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