Lena Göransson

Lena Göransson
Lena Göransson represents the Swedish National Resource Centre for Deafblindness (NKCDB) and Mo Gård on the board of Deafblind International. NKCDB has an agreement with the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) and acts under Mo Gård since 2003.

I am Head of Operations at NKCDB. A mission that I love and who engages me a lot. As early as the end of the ’70s, I started working with disability issues in the south of Sweden. For many years I worked with rehabilitation for people with hearing impairment. After that, I started a project building up a regional resource team for Deaf sign language speakers. And then I continued to build a similar resource for people with deafblindness. Since 2011 I am responsible for NKCDB and I have a great team of employees and consultants around me. My ambition is to constantly work for a continuous transfer of knowledge between, on the one hand, professionals and researchers, and on the other hand, people living with deafblindness and their families and relatives.

For further information, please visit our websites: www.nkcdb.se and www.mogard.se and follow us on Facebook.

Contact information:

Adress: Nationellt kunskapscenter för dövblindfrågor
Lena Göransson
Kungsgatan 2C
223 50 Sweden

Mobile: +46 761 36 76 00

E-mail: lena.goransson@​nkcdb.se