AMERICA: Claudia Sofia Indalecio

AMERICA: Claudia Sofia Indalecio

What technology do you use in your day-to-day? Computer? Smartphone? Tablet?
Use smartphone

What are the needs you need to be able to use these devices?
Sometimes I need some applications, but I think looking for information on how to use it, it is not easy! Thank God I have been able to progress in the best possible way.

How do you manage to use them despite your visual and hearing problems, which accommodations do you usually use to use them? Screen readers? Braille lines? Magnifiers, etc. Explain to us how you use the devices.
I use the device as a screen reader, braille display, I also use a headset to assist me in hearing, because I have hearing loss but it is very functional, I am totally deafblind. These resources are essential to interact in the use of media, social networks.

What other everyday devices do you use as well? Bluetooth watches and bracelets? Alarm clocks? Tell us about any technology you use in your day-to-day life, what it is, for you to use, how you use it and how it helps you.
I use the braille clock, the alarm clock is from the smartphone itself, which speaks the screen reader program, I use the white and red cane, I just don’t use the computer much because I got used to the smartphone because it is easier to access applications like e -mail, whatsapp and facebook.

Do you like to read? How do you read: in Braille, in voice with your hearing aids, on the screen? What difficulties do you encounter and how do you solve them?
I love braille readings, I learned braille to read and write both on the reglete and on the machine, I love to read I don’t run out of baille reading, because it is very important for me, both for me and for any deafblind person, who likes to read, even in the book and paper or on the braille display I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it ”If it weren’t for reading in Braille, I don’t know what my life would be like.

Which applications and utilities for smartphones help most in your communication and access to information? Social media? Whatsapp? Utilities to manage aspects of your autonomy and your daily life: banks, health, object and character recognition ?, etc. Tell us the ones you use the most and the help they give you.
I use on my smartphone all applications, WhatsApp, News, Facebook, Zoom, Google meet, radio wize, google maps- e-mail voice assistant, I’m just not getting installation of text recognition, but the rest is enough information for me, is of great benefit not only for me, but for all people with deafblindness. In fact, these apps have a lot of autonomy, as long as it is compatible with our device.

What programs and technological devices do you think are not accessible to deaf people?
Sorry I have no knowledge

Tell us what you want about your experience with technology and what it means for you, as a blind deaf person, to be able to use accessible technology: what solutions and for what aspects of your life and everyday life do you see that use of these technologies helps you: For your communication? How do you help aspects of your daily life? To access the information?
Due to the experience that I have been using all the time that I have been using, cell phone, smartphone and also knowing the braille line, it was of great importance to have access to communication, the information of the day to day, of my daily life and also to arouse the interest of people with Deafblindness, so that they also seek technology, so for me the smartphone, is bringing many benefits and also when I do the part of publicizing the importance of these technologies to everyone, from their form of communication, whether it be total deafblindness with pounds, or deafblind people who use wide speech, or low vision so it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that it helps us a lot, if it weren’t for the smartphone I don’t know how it would be for me to receive information, it’s being a great benefit as well as for my husband Carlos Jorge who is also deafblind is bringing great benefit

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