Greetings in Dutch for Every Day

Greetings in Dutch for Every Day

Remember our greetings-campaign?

DbI is all about connection in deafblindness worldwide. To connect we need to understand each other. And that means diversity: Building bridges across multiple cultures and multiple languages.

The greetings campaign shows the world that we can do it. With YOUR greetings in your main language: Greetings for the season, to wish  a healthy and happy rest of 2021 and a wonderful start into 2022 and also greetings for every day.

That is what these greetings from the Netherlands offer:

The picture shows a Dutch landscape: windmill and tulips.

Greeting from the Netherlands…..and — How to say hello!

The picture shows a Dutch landscape: windmill and tulips.

Some day when we meet or if you come to the Netherlands you might like to say hello in Dutch, so this is what we say:

Hallo = Hello ( be honest, this is doable) or use Hoi for Hi, if you cool and a bit younger you  say  Yo!

Goedendag = Good day, A great way of greeting people during the daytime. But if it is in the Morning you can say Goedemorgen  for Good morning,  or shorter even “Morgen”. Or klick on the link to see the sign for Goedemorgen.

And then you have of course the afternoon: Goedenmiddag = Good afternoon  and Goedenavond, for the evening

What’s up is Hoe gaat het ?  and then Goed for  Fine  and when you are off, it is time for goodbyes, so  Dag is Bye or

Tot ziens for Goodbye…or even Doei or Doeg will do!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Thank you, dank je.



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