Africa Conference: A Very Successful Milestone!

Africa Conference: A Very Successful Milestone!

The 1st ever Africa Conference on Deafblindness proved to be indeed a real milestone on the way towards a better future for persons with deafblindness. Key for that, so the passionate appeals on the last conference day, Saturday 14th of May, is for sure: COLLABORATION!

Collaboration of all stakeholders involved, including especially persons who are deafblind. And also collaboration between the global North and South, East and West.

Collaboration means, of course, also acknowledging achievements. DbI is deeply grateful for the wonderful collaboration with the local Host Committee chaired by David Munyendo, with DbI’s Conference Coordinator, Mary Maragia, with the Conference Organizer on-site, Martin Kieti, with the International Advisory and the many sponsors to this pioneer conference. Asante, asante Sana!

Acknowledging achievements was also a major theme of the last conference afternoon during all the rituals of thanks and, before that, with the announcement of the recipients of DbI’s Awards 2022.

One of the activities that Deafblind International is very committed to is indeed recognizing individuals around the world who have made significant contributions to the field of deafblindness or the development of services that have improved the lives of people who are deafblind. The DbI’s Awards Committee recognized this year four most remarkable women:

Claire Fraser from Able Australia, the co-leader of DbI’s Creative Arts Network with the Youth Leadership Award.

Three Distinguished Service Awards went to:

  • Roxanna Spruyt, the CEO of DeafBlind Ontario and member of DbI’s Communication Committee ComCom;
  • Dr. Meredith Prain from Able Australia and Senses Australia, among else also Co-Chair of the International Communication Rights Alliance
  • Mary Maragia from Kenya’s Institute of Curriculum Development, DbI’s Coordinator for the 1st ever Africa Conference

Celebrate them as well!

DbI Award Recipients Africa Conference
From left top to right bottom: Portrait photos of Claire Fraser, Meredith Prain, Roxanna Spruyt and a conference photo of Mary Maragia at the speaker’s desk after receiving the award



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